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Graphic and Textile Ink Colour Matching Service


We offer colour-matching services. Colours are matched to the specific colour required (Pantone, RAL, Fed. Standard) or alternately to a supplied sample. All colours matched are recorded and referenced, with a retained sample being used to ensure that future re-orders are re-matched to the exact colour every time. For more information contact us.

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Ink Category

Baking Epoxy (BEI)
Epoxy Air Dry (EAI)
Coroplastic (CPI)
Gloss Enamel (GEI)
Gloss Vinyl (GVI)
Hydro Print (HPI)
Laquer (ILI)
Multipurpose (MPI)
Nylon Air Dry (NAI)
Rubber (RUI)
Vinyl Plus (VPI)
UV Cure 138/16

Water Base (WBI)


Metal, Glass
Glass, Metal, Polypropylene
Polypropylene, Corpolast
Glass, Metal, Polypropylene, Wood
Flexible and Rigid Vinyl, Polycarbonate
Paper, Card Paper
Paper, Foils, Book Cover Stock
Styrene, Acrylic, ABS
Nylon Fabric, Umbrella Fabric
EVA, Rubber, PP Fabric
Acrylic, Vinyl, Powder Coated Surface
Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Vinyl, Glass, Acrylic, Coroplast, Paper
Textile Fabrics, Paper
Textile Fabrics

User MUST Ensure Ink Category Fits Their Application Prior To Production Run.
Ink Testing Is Available for Adhesion To Substrate Samples
Colour Matching To Specific Colour Chart Swatches Or Sample Pieces Is Available

Display Colour Chart

Download the Colour Chart here


Maprin Colour Chart


Download the Colour Chart here